Office Policies, Procedures, and Staff

"SUITE 407"

My hope is that your visit to my office will be comfortable and efficient. I share the space and office staff with three other physicians - Susan Lacks, M.D. (Rheumatologist), Jack D. Summer, M.D. (Internist), and Gary M.Koritzinsky, M.D. (Internist).


When you call the office (202-293-8855) you will first speak to one of our two receptionists - Stephanie  or  Ronette.  They may need to place you on hold briefly at busy times of the day, please be patient - it's still better than talking to a machine!  They answer the telephone from 9:00am - 12:30pm and 1:00pm - 4:15pm Mon. - Fri.   All other times (24 hrs., round-the-clock), the Answering Service will answer and be able to take a message or page me, if you wish.  On weekends and holidays, one of my associates may be covering for me.  


I see patients by appointment only.  If you feel you need to be seen urgently, please call first and I will do my best to see you the same day. If my receptionist cannot give you an appointment within a timeframe that you feel comfortable with, you can either ask to be put on the waiting list for the next available cancellation (I have cancellations almost daily) or, leave a message to speak with me directly.  I will call you back that day and assess the urgency of your situation - squeezing you into my schedule sooner if appropriate.  New patients may be more difficult to "squeeze" in sooner because I need to give them more time.  I try not to disrupt my schedule, respecting the time of my previously scheduled patients.  Once you have scheduled an appointment, you can expect a call one or two days in advance to remind you of that appointment.

Cancellation Policy:

Please notify the office if you need to cancel an appointment as soon as possible. I reserve the right to charge for appointments missed  without notice.


You will be asked to complete a standard registration form when you arrive, listing your address, phone numbers, emergency contact, insurance information, etc.  If you wish, you may print the registration form linked to this website and fill it out before you arrive.  If you will be using health insurance to pay for your visit, please bring your insurance card with you so that my receptionist can make a copy.

Your Visit:

If you drive here, please leave ample time to park your car before your appointment time, especially if you are using the garage in our building. The valet parking can back up at times, especially in the mornings. I apologize for the parking rates.  Unfortunately, we have no control over the rates the parking company sets and cannot afford to discount your parking through "validation".  I will do my best to see you on time and get you out in an efficient manner. If you have blood testing performed at every visit to monitor for medication side effects, do not hesitate to ask (at the front desk) for Turquoise, my medical assistant,  to draw your blood even before you see me.  She will have instructions for what needs to be done.  That way, if I am a little late, you won't be wasting time.  Believe it or not, I really do try to stay on schedule.  Infrequently, however, there are times when a patient requires an unexpected and unpredictable amount of time.  I do not run an "assembly line" practice and will spend that extra time if necessary.  I apologize in advance if you are kept waiting as a result, and can only hope that you will understand.



One of the last of my staff to see you during your visit will be my billing clerks, either Maria or Carolyn Anderson (who is also my office manager).  Unless you have Medicare, payment for services rendered is expected at the time of visit.  My office will file your claim with Medicare and, as a courtesy, your private insurance plan.  Please cooperate if we ask you to intervene with your insurance company or Medicare to process a claim.  They will often refuse to divulge any information to anyone except the patient.  You will be sent a statement monthly informing you about the status of your account.  Do not hesitate to call Maria or Carolyn with any questions.  The best time to call them is 2 - 4 pm.